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Dec 5, 2022

ValeryJones - Brand Ambassador for Bucharest Summit

From early teenage years Valery loved creating content, editing pics and videos and had been very creative. She had real passion for this and could do this for hours forgetting about food, sleep and studies. However, lots of her ideas and projects weren’t realised because of lack of support and funds. She’s been struggling financially very much, didn’t have money for rent or food most of the times. 

Then she discovered that people are willing to support her financially, even if they never met her in real life. It was never an easy decision for Valery to start her OnlyFans career. She was calculating all pros and cons for more than a year and started as no nude model first. She was earning good money, but the desire to buy home and feel safe and stability was bigger, so she started to do more types of content and had bought an apartment after 3 months of hard work. Sometimes she worked for 14 hours per day. 

Time passed and right now she realized that it is really her dream job. OnlyFans had totally changed her life. Our industry gave her freedom, peace, confidence in her future, stability, really good friends and supportive community. She achieved everything she dreamed about and understands that so much more is waiting for her in future and she can do anything if she’ll put enough efforts in it.

That’s why she wants to share her experience with everyone ready to listen. She is currently helping other models build their personal brands, social media, content and OnlyFans pages. She’s very passionate about it and very supportive of everyone who wants to try to work in our industry. She makes sure that people who ask for her advice are doing only things which are comfortable for them and make bigger income after consulting with her. Also she gives them her strong energy, motivation and desire to achieve all of their goals. 

She said : “I never dreamed about success. I worked for it. I’m gonna work until my bank account will look like a phone number and I’m gonna help all of my students to achieve same.”


You can find her on Instagram or Twitter. Also she’s having Reddit, Telegram, Fansly and Manyvids accounts to promote and sell her content at as many platforms as possible