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Feb 1, 2023

Stacy Bloom - Brand Ambassador for Bucharest Summit

Stacy Bloom started her career as erotic photo model, by her stage name Pammie Lee.

Unusual origins (Finnish, Russian and Ivoryan), beauty and perfect body shape got the attention of MetArt fans for a long time. After working as a photo model she worked as a show/dance performer.

She studied psychology, and always her sexual experience was wider and she explored new and new practices of BDSM master classes in her origin city (Moscow). 

But she always had a dream, to release herself in the adult industry, to share sexual experiences she got in Russia and also share psychology knowledge, because harmony in practices goes together with soul, and as she felt, it's important for people to explore their sexuality and find what they like. 

Once she got an offer from the agent of Giorgio Grandi (Legal Porno entertainment) for porn scenes in Europe, and with no minds got this offer, because already had this sexual experience and was a fan of this company hardcore style shoots.

After moving to Europe, the experience of hardcore porn helped her to explore the market and to find platforms where she can be free with what she likes. It was not so easy, because of the  concurrence and "rules" on the platforms made to have a limited performance, which she doesn't like.

During Covid, when things were complicated, she started solo content videos with extreme fantasy toys brands, such ERASEXA, HankeyToys and JohnThomasToys, but also to become a webcam model. Before all this, She explored the camming industry more and more and spoke with experienced models, who advised Stripchat, cause there Russian speaking operative support team, rules of the website doesn't change as they want (those time was much accounts limited just because of big toys "limitations" from the platforms) there are no limits to extreme practices, and Stacy Bloom could show her performance for 1000%

Having experience on in this practices out of porn and erotic shoots, she already knew her audience and how to keep them with her content.  The audience loved it, and she was happy to muse many people, etc couples, to explore more about it. 

But she did not want to quit with porn and content creating, because in her opinion it made her together. It turned the audience even more and Stacy Bloom made own studio called "FistingFun", logically what goes out of The Wondertoys Training.

The idea of the studio is still exploring female sexuality and to show how practices can be loved by everyone, if it is made professional and beautiful.

Now she will start her own brand of toys. It's wood body safe adult toys, tested by her and handmade. 

You can find more about her on Instagram and Twitter.