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Aug 6, 2021

Professionalism, Performance, Innovation

As noted in a previous article, (you can find it here: LINK) adult entertainment studios often have very high incomes, but also invest a lot of money in equipment and services for models such as hairdressing, make up etc.

A successful and profitable session requires much more than a well prepared model, who is in a good mood and smiling. Not only the visual image, but also the atmosphere in the room is very important. Great conversations with a model are ok but seeing and hearing well matters just as much.

But let's take it one step at a time!

First of all, a high-performance PC is needed in every studio room! It requires a quality processor, a large ram memory, a powerful video card and a quality sound card to make sure you transmit at the desired high quality! An under performing laptop or computer may only allow you to access a few video of the smaller chat sites.

The webcam must be able to capture images at an excellent resolution and have streaming capability. The camera must be full HD 1080p and include an autofocus on the model. Cameras that can be adjusted via a remote control have appeared. These cameras are attached to a tripod or to the edge of the monitor.  A keyboard and mouse are needed, especially if some members prefer that you write rather than speak. All in all, this costs money, a lot of money.

Also, the internet connection must be excellent, without the camera locking, having interruptions, and the end users should receive messages quickly. When it comes to Romania, we can't complain. Romania has the highest speed internet in Europe! Confidentiality is one of the most important aspects in this industry, that's why studios also invest a lot of money in security. The studios have secure internet connections, which should be difficult to break. 

Last but not least, the studios spend money on quality lighting objects, which will help your models look the best. Spotlights, ambient lights, even lights used purely for decoration all cost money. The better the quality of this equipment, the more revenue the studio will bring in, which means higher earnings for your models.

The adult entertainment industry can create great revenue, but at the same time investments are crucial to stay on top. Technology is an industry that has exploded, and without which the studios could not function!