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Mar 2, 2023

Kate Utopia - Brand Ambassador for Bucharest Summit

Kate Utopia knew from a young age she was born to be in the spotlight. Starting her modeling career at only 19, she built her brand as a camgirl and then discovered her content creator potential.

From the Accounting University, to 100k PornHub followers. 

Kate started her studies at the Accounting University, but her creativity made her realise how she can build her dream-life and earn ten times more than the average person in the field of work. 

After discovering her passion for travelling, she decided to become a full-time content creator, putting aside her camming career to pursue her wish to see the world. Now, she is a successful creator on OnlyFans with 100k followers on PornHub, and a 3 time winner of the EroAwardBTC's Multi AltPorn Award.

The Hopeful SuicideGirl model says: 

“I am honored to become a Bucharest Summit Ambassador and I can’t wait to share and learn the industry’s secrets!” 

Get to know her on Twitter and Instagram, and don’t forget to get your tickets for Bucharest Summit 2023!