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Jul 5, 2024

FANS-CRM: Best OnlyFans Management Software, and It's FREE

Fans-CRM is top notch product for OnlyFans management for creators and agencies. It’s the only solution that is officially connected to the OnlyFans and has the widest functionality. It’s absolutely free and some premium features will be added later this year. 

There is always a question of how to pick the best OnlyFans management software and from our experience it’s Fans-CRM. They are the only ones who are officially connected to the OnlyFans. 

This connection allows them to provide some unique super-features for free. They are the news on the market and officially launched only in February 2024, but have already become a choice of more than 3,500 creators.

Let’s define the factors that you need to take into consideration when picking software.

Accuracy of Data

When you start working with any OnlyFans tool it’s crucial to have very accurate data, because you will base all your decisions and strategy on it. All other “CRMs” on the market parse the data from OF front end which leads to incomplete or wrong data. Fans-CRM is connected to the OF on the back end level and has full correct data. 

Actually they in some cases have even more accurate data than the original platform like the online status of the fans. Taking into consideration that so many features (send when online, online filtering, stats of online fans, etc) are based on online status it’s essential to have it correct. Fans-CRM is the only one who is capable of doing this.

Features That Really Make Money

Nowadays different solutions try to market some of their features like they are super valuable and highly needed. AI OnlyFans bot - that writes nonsense and takes away fans from your creator profile is only useful for lazy chatters that don’t want to work responsibly or care about revenue. 

Some silly metrics like ARPPU, ARPU, APV, APC, and Sales ratio work great for static products like games or apps. But when you try to measure something dynamic with them it's “fortune telling on coffee grounds”. 

By the dynamic we mean that you have so many factors inside of each of these metrics: what type of fans were active at the selected period, what was their mood, which chatter was on the shift, what his mood, what type of the content wasn’t bought yet and many more.

Those of you who have a degree in mathematical analysis will just ignore them, the rest will make bad decisions and fail. 

Here are some features that Fans-CRM already offers:

DM list management: Fans-CRM’s DM list is a custom one and doesn’t replicate what you see at OnlyFans. The reason for this is simple: 10% of any creator fans are responsible for 90% of the revenues. That means that a minute invested in them is equal to 3 hours spent with the other fans. Fans-CRM will highlight them with green and pin them on the top of your DM list the moment they become online, there will be no chance to miss them. As well they have filters to hide other creators.

Marketing OnlyFans tracker: There are no callbacks from OF that will provide you with data such as revenues, traffic quality, ctr, ltv, etc. But Fans-CRM solves this need for you - you will have all this data for all new and passed tracking and trial links. Even more, they will create separate web links that you can share with your traffic providers. And with that amount of bots, ensuring traffic quality becomes a must-have thing.

Chatters analytics: we all know how inefficient it is to monitor chatter's performance and quality of their work nowadays. Of course, you can scan their chats from time to time but there is a high chance that you will pick the wrong moment, chat, etc. With the wrong data, you will make wrong decisions and put the effort into solving something where there are no problems.  Fans-CRM will provide data from each of your chatter and their shifts on metrics like: out-of-keyboard time, reply time, unique message ratio, reply rate, and satisfaction level of fans they chatted to.

Mass messages 2.0: Fans-CRM will send all your mass messages as they were sent by hand so they will get into the priority folder for the fans. Smart pricing will select the best price for each fan individually. With the “send when online” option they will send a message to the fan as soon as he becomes online - so you will always become the first in their DM list and grab all attention.


When you have 100+ creators paying 250$ per creator each month it becomes quite a piece of money. The great news is that Fans-CRM is the only OnlyFans management software that is absolutely free. You will be able to save this 25 000$/ month to buy traffic or for a rainy day. They will have some extra premium features later on this year but it won't affect current functionality.

Among all previous arguments, Fans-CRM was nominated for the category “Best service provider for the OnlyFans” at the Bucharest Summit together with other solutions like Infloww and OnlyMonster and was the only one who got to the finals. They gave in 1st position to CreatorTraffic which is the most well-known advertising solution on the OF market for now.