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Aug 31, 2023

Ema Karter from webcam model to the most famous content creator

Ema Karter started her career as a webcam model many years ago and now she has become the most famous content creator in Romania, and not only. She did not stop only in Romania but thanks to the quality of her content and to her devotion, she has become known in the USA as well.

She has won over 6 awards in the last 2 years, 2 of which she won at the Bucharest Summit. ,, Independent Female of the Year “ and ,, Best International Content Creator” .

We are very proud that Ema Karter is our brand ambassador and she represents us all over the world each time she has the opportunity. Her ambition is beyond any expectations regarding her professional career. 


At the event, she is taking part during the seminars as a speaker with the desire to inspire the rest of the audience and to share her insights. This year at the 5th edition of the event, she held 3 seminars about: “Model as a lifestyle”, “Debate: Models vs. Studios”,  “How to increase your earnings using social media”. Ema shared her opinion regarding time management, outsourcing, personal life and many more. She also held a company presentation next to the CEO of Chaturbate, Shirley Lara. They talked about “How to be a successful model on Chaturbate” using a visual “funny” psychological trick by making the audience always remember the insights shared. 

Ema answers your questions and learns new models from her experience and you can always find her on Instagram

Ema will be present again next year at the Bucharest Summit 2024, 4th-6th June to share her experience.