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May 10, 2022

DarkestObsession69 - Brand Ambassador for Bucharest Summit

Her career as a cam model started during December 2020 in lockdown. Before this she worked in the medical field and since the pandemic situation took over control she had to decide what would work for her, and that was the moment when she decided to give the camming industry a go! 
 She had no experience in the Adult Industry at all and decided to try a few sites out eg: XHamster, Chaturbate but more or less instantly streamed exclusively on Streamate only,  for 1 year and 5 months and seemed to have taken to it like duck to water!

She instantly found herself becoming quite successful on Streamate and this made her decide that she wants to become more successful. "I am thinking of ways to grow my audience and so I started taking everything more serious and keeping to a tight schedule!" she said.
She found consistency extremely vital when she is online, in order to help her grow in the industry! "It's so refreshing how you can always change things up, which is what I love.. learning and growing your own business and with camming there's always something new and I'm filled with ideas, new energy and always learning." 

She has always been an open minded person and very non judgmental, who can have a cheeky charming side which has worked wonders for her. She has her own way of making people feel relaxed when around her which has considerably helped her in her career. 

 "I absolutely love my job and being able to interact with so many people from all walks of life and it's so rewarding. I found my perfect job and my place in life and I've never looked back since." - DarkestObsession69 

You can find more about her on Twitter and Instagram