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Aug 10, 2021

Big Dreams and Financial Consulting

Psychology has become a very controversial topic in recent years. More and more people face anxiety or depression, and specialists are calling it "the disease of the century".

Anxiety can occur at anytime and unfortunately it often forces us to take a break from our daily activities. Ir can appear regardless of the living environment or the type of job chosen. Anxiety tends to disappear when you are with loved ones, drink a coffee, relax and talk about the pleasures of life.

Models are also exposed to this phenomenon because in the main, they are leading dual lives. They need to be normal people in everyday life, and wear a mask with a permanent, positive smile, when they are working. This duality can affect the life of a model.

They constantly aware that this double life must remain separated and differentiated. Often, they have accepted this job for financial reasons and do not want their personal lives to be affected by any stigma related to this kind of work. Then there are those girls who are work and "mix" the ingredients of the virtual world, disinhibition, the notoriety they form, the desire to be among the best, with those of the real world, bringing forms of depression to the forefront.

When the models face these kind of anxieties, the studio staff should intervene. The model also often needs the support of someone who specializes in psychotherapy to better understand what she is feeling. These issues can be resolved early on, if help is available and requested.

It is of course advisable for models in the adult entertainment industry to be open about what they do. They should not have to live a double life. Ideally, they should be able to be themselves and not have to hide what they do.

The studios hire people who specialize in psychotherapy to make sure all their models feel good in their own skin. This is a huge advantage in this field of work, because it shows that employers are thinking about employees (unlike in some other sectors).

Financial consulting is another, maybe, sensitive topic in this industry. A financial advisor is someone who analyzes the current financial situation of the models, finds out what their objectives are and deals with the development plan to enable them to achieve these objectives. A financial consultant can offer you multiple benefits, for example saving time.

Initially, models can be sceptical about a job whereby models can more easily afford a house, a car and nice holidays. Those models that consult with specialists in the field are the ones able to make savings. They can be shown how to save and how to have higher earnings.

It is a job with many advantages when models know how to take advantage of them. Help with psychotherapy, well-being, support and financial consultancy are just some of the benefits of the job.