Natalie Pannon

Head Sales and Marketing Manager at ModelCentro

    Natalie Pannon has been with ModelCentro & AdultCentro for nearly five years. At ModelCentro, her daily routine is working with models and studios, helping them achieve their goals. Natalie also works extensively with leasing and licensing content of various niches with AdultCentro. She has a Masters Degree in Journalism, and has been working in different industries since she was old enough to rebel. In adult, Natalie is AC “born and raised” - since 2012.

    Her journey through the adult industry started with Support @AC, where she learned more about human interaction and technology behind the complex system than she learned about journalism in 5 years of university education.

    She joined the Sales Department almost 4 years ago, and with the release of ModelCentro in December 2013, has been working very closely with performers, attending to their wants and needs and helping them succeed. When ModelCentro launched, she helped shape the platform’s main values and attitude, which caused a close attachment to the app and its partners.

    ModelCentro was always about building successful partnerships with models and studios, and so that has become Natalie’s main occupation. Upon the launch of SnapCentro in February 2017, her responsibilities expanded to include helping models who wish to monetize the increasing popularity of Snapchat and the immensely profitable premium account strategy. She is very proud to be given the chance to share her experiences.