CEO - Aphrodite Studio

    Anna started working in cam industry in January 2006, knowing that this was going to be her future. She passed from being model to being a top trainer at several of the biggest studios, and then to being a studio owner in 2013. Anna saw the big gap on the guy videochat market and so she decided to make Aphrodite studio an all boy studio soon after it was opened with its aim to invest all its time and money in creating male top models.

    Taking things by the book isn't what Aphrodite is all about. The creativity and originality of Anna and her team lead them to creating a TV-like series of shows that made customers say that Aphrodite Boys took this job to the next level!

    Anna considers everyone in her studio part of her family and treats them according to this, and probably this is the reason why the studio has almost 0 fluctuation.