Interview - Alexandra Georgia

16 May, 2017

1.It’s no secret that you became successful because you learnt how to be attuned to your inner self. Is there any connection between the “best model” tag and the “best version” of yourself?

    I started camming at 19 years old, I was dummy, clueless and with a lot of insecurities back then. I will always remeber my first day of camming, just logged in and a few moments later I realised I will never be able to cope with all those demands flooding my chatroom, so I had to find an alternative because I did not wanted to quit. I'm not a quitter :) I think that being a good model it's really connected to the best version of yourself, a version that you must always upgrade especially by educating yourself. Thanks to my camming job I learned photography, webdesign, I improved my english, and many other skills directly or not related to my job. I treated this not as a job but as a career, and I dedicated everything to it.

2. Risk-Taking, Failure and How to get up? What advice do you have for the models that just because they didn’t put themselves into the business conclude that the outcomes equal the motivation …Zero?

    This part might be a bit bitter for some people but I will just say it upfront, if you plan on getting into camming just by half, expect half or less. Therefore, make it big or go home. I meet models daily who are not willingly to take the risks. There are risks. Whoever tells you there are not, its a liar. Most of the models are afraid of other people might think, etc. We all know this drama story. Do you wanna keep this job as a secret and you are not willingly to take the risk? You are minimizing your chances before starting. Just get out there and give your best. There is no half way if you really wanna be succesful. I will always say this: Its not competition who will kill you, but a wrong mindset.

3. What’s your favorite business tool or resource?

    For me, I'd say socia media. Online marketing has reached a new level, whether I'm talking about me, the cam girl or the business I've developed. Nowadays it's all about reaching out to people and since almost everyone has a computer, smartphone phablet, ipad etc, the best way to do that: social media.

4. Why, in your opinion, do you think there are fewer women mastering the art of fetishism?

    Well, I think not too many people are familiar with this niche, even now it's a taboo subject, talking about that. I think that's why people are not informed, find it strange to talk about it and so on. Fetish is a niche and just by this definition, not too many people know or are into it. I came across this niche when I started camming and now, I accumulated some experience but as I always say, we're always learning.

5. Do you believe in the power of words? Do you think you are entirely mastering this art?

    I do believe words have an incredible power and they can do so many things and express a variety of feelings. And to answer your question, they are so powerfull and the experience I gathered until now, I can say I am mastering this art, but as I said before, I believe we're always learning and there is always something new to add to our knowledge. Choosing the right words without wasting time, being sponta eous, without thinking too much its something that you can educate yourself into over time.

6. We would love to hear about the mapping of your success as an entrepreneur .What did it take to get from best softcore fetish model to organizing the major LiveCamAwards ?

    I am not the best fetish model, I can give you a huge list of cam models entitled to it. Being a succesful model requires a lot of work, nowadays I do not stream so much as I did before, because LiveCamAwards takes a lot of my time to organize it. I miss being online and I hope to be able to do it as much as possible.
As a model, I wanted recognition for live cam models and the whole industry. I think that we are making baby steps towards it and I am happy that I was able to put a brick on this foundation. I hope that cam models will soon be praised like mainstream celebrities because that's what they are: they are entertainers, they are artists.
Live Cam Awards was the first award show dedicates to the live cam industry, the more, the merrier, cam models deserve to embrace their fame and their recognition.
Alexandra Georgia
YNOT AWARDS 2015-2016 Business Woman of the Year Nominee
XBIZ 2016-2017 Live Cam Model of the Year Nominee
AVN 2016 - Favorite Cam Model of the Year Nominee
AVN 2017 - Best Solo Girl Website Nominee