Consultant and Webmaster

    Danny started his journey in the cams industry over 14 years ago working as a model, a journey he continued in the following 10 years as a chat moderator, studio owner, trainer, consultant and webmaster. In the year 2013 he was invited by LiveJasmin, one of the biggest live cam communities in the world, to visit their offices and talk about his work and ideas. This was the call he needed to step up his game, and starting with the summer of 2014 he was an active part of the Romanian live cams scene, participating in most of the industry events and joining a number of successful projects as a consultant and trainer and also starting his own business, SDXcams, aimed to promote and support live cam models.

    The year 2014 was also the year when he dedicated a lot of effort in helping some of the issues most models had with a particular site; his actions and words didn't go unheard, as over 300 models rallied supporting the online petition he started. It was then that a new idea appeared: "Models must understand the power of their online persona and start treating their name as a brand, a business, their valued possession." With this idea in mind he proceeded to join projects that were related to branding, social media promotion and media production while learning new ways to help models monetize their name and image. In March 2017 he partnered with ModelCentro and SnapCentro as company representative in Romania and aims to offer new ways of monetizing their brand to Romanian models and studios. When asked about his new occupation, he answered: “I am extremely excited about joining a team of professionals who share my vision of the future of the live cam industry and the ways it will develop. It isn’t just for show that ModelCentro has been named Best CMS Platform 6 times by various adult awards. The respect for models and studios is paramount, and the ModelCentro and SnapCentro teams are known for their approach in this – a partnership where everyone benefits. I am very happy to help models and studios build their business and upgrade from being workers to being entrepreneurs.”