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Welcome to Bucharest

25 October, 2016

Bucharest is home to Palace of Parliament, the biggest administrative building ever, and haven for some heavy partying wonderful bar-hopping nights.

It’s both confusing and mesmerizing, rather similar to a young girl who’s just now starting to discover the pleasures and delicious vices the world has to offer. Our young democracy has yet to mature and the teenager personality can still be felt in the heart of our nation. The architectural mismatch is like that beautiful girl with the long, dark hair who chose to wear red sole shoes and a not-so-tasteful leopard print dress.

Bucharest’s creative industries are striving and this isn’t reflected just on the artistic field but also in the urban architecture with unexpected cool bookshops and designed specialty coffee shops at about every corner. Described by many as a city contained between two separate time tracks, Bucharest proudly offers you absolute access to the Old Town, where you can indulge in a trip back and forth the history of entertainment shifting from the fizzy burlesque parties to the rave events hosted by the trendiest clubs where you get served enough ways for you to burn your serotonin reserves to oblivion.We’ll let you discover all the other pleasant and surprising mysteries Bucharest has to offer when you visit us for Bucharest Summit.