Tjeezers aka Harry

Owner of and business developer for Cam place.

    “The Live Cam Business brought me to Romania“ My professional background is closely connected to the ‘LiveCam’ world.

    I am a cam studio manager since 2007 (Royal Studios) and that means that I have obtained an insider’s perspective on the matter, knowing all the aspects of the trade and the problems you are facing. I’ve started generating targeted LiveCam traffic since 2000 and I am an active affiliate to the top webcam sites all over the world.

    The goal of speaking to you is for me to better introduce myself and my work portfolio and for you to give me the necessary information regarding your business. This way I can make a detailed analysis of your webcam business and offer you an attack plan that will allow your site to reach its true potential.

    My credible experience is my main asset and the thing your business needs in order to thrive. Count on me to offer you the means of growing and exceeding your competitor Owner of and business developer for Cam place.